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You work hard for your money. Your money should work hard for you. At MB Financial Planning we offer affordable investment advice to get you on the right path. Whether that means Comprehensive Financial Planning or a specific issue that needs attention.

After the pension crisis in Rhode Island many middle class employees could not retire. Many who planned on a retirement for decades had it suddenly changed without warning. At MB Financial Planning we will guide you on a path that YOU control. We will analyze your situation and give you an honest assessment for the future.

MB Financial Planning stays on top of current financial issues and maintains relationships with the business below. As a member of MB Financial Planning you too have access to many of these growing businesses. For example, as a client you have full access to Advizr financial software and Advice Pay. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and finance, and monitor their evolution to develop our own approaches—all to give you exceptional advice that will help for years to come.

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